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If you are in a piano or music related business, you should be advertising on Piano World!

Piano World is the most popular piano focused web site in the world, and home to the most popular piano community, our world famous Piano Forums.
We cover acoustic pianos, digital pianos, hybrid pianos, keyboards, synthesizers, plus their accessories, after market products and add-ons.

Want to put your piano related business in front of the biggest piano loving audience on the Web? Advertise on Piano World.  Great coverage at surprisingly affordable rates!

Why Piano World?

  1. RESULTS – Ads on Piano World get Results, plain & simple. Many of our advertisers have been with us for years because ads on Piano World work. Most people today research on the Internet first, and Piano World is where they research. We are constantly growing through referrals, search engine rankings, inbound links, and social media. Many libraries recommend Piano World and the major search engines look at us as the SMEs (Subject Matter Experts) for all things piano.
  2. REACH –  Whether your business is local, national, or international, Piano World has you covered.
    Our traffic numbers are heads & tails over anyone else in the business. Looking for LOCAL Market traffic? We’ve got it. Want national coverage? No problem. Need to reach an international audience? We can do that too. Our audience is huge and varied and includes everything from beginners to professionals, piano teachers to church musicians, folks looking for their first piano or keyboard to seasoned musicians who are moving up to a better instrument or adding to their collection.
  3. REASONABLE RATES  – Our rates are much less than you would expect for so much targeted traffic.
    In most cases our yearly rates are less than a small one-time ad in the newspaper, and ours are much more effective! Pricing for Piano Dealers, Piano Movers, and Restoration Shops ads start at about $399.00 per year (or $37.95 a month)! Interested in advertising in multiple states? We offer combo and  package deals.
    (Piano Tuners and Teachers are even less than that.) You also get the benefit of Frank’s years of Internet Marketing, Usability, and SEO experience for companies large and small. He can evaluate your ad and the landing page we are sending prospects to if you’d like.
  4. MAXIMUM REACH – Tailor your advertising to reach your intended audience. We offer  different plans for different objectives. For example, if you are a Piano Dealer and your primary service area is based in two states you will likely want to place classified ads in those two states. But if you are a piano mover, a manufacturer or rebuilder who sells all across the U.S. you may want to advertise in all 48 states (special pricing available) and consider adding button banner display ads and possibly an interrupter ad in our world famous piano forums as well.
    For manufacturers we can help get the word out about your products, and drive leads to your dealer network either through your site or direct linking.
  5. CUSTOMIZE YOUR AUDIENCE – Reach people in part of one state, all of one state, three states, ten states, all states, the U.S. and Canada, all English speaking countries, the world. Our audience comes from all these places, and we can help you reach the ones that are most important to you!
  6. DIFFERENT BUSINESSES HAVE DIFFERENT NEEDS – We know piano tuners and piano teachers have different needs than piano dealers, and piano restorations houses are different than piano movers, and of course manufacturers have different needs from all the others. We have plans that are customized to your business, designed to help you get the most for your advertising dollars.
  7. LET’S GO! – If you would like more details or are ready to increase your business and place your ad(s), please fill in the contact form below.

If you are ready now, you can purchase your ad(s) here and we can get busy sending you new customers!
(Note: If you’ve advertised with us before there is a good chance we still have your old ad information. If you’d like us to use some or all of the previous ad copy/pictures just let us know when you fill in the form for submitting an ad).

Check out our Advertising Options Here, and see some ad examples.

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Please Note: Piano World attracts a lot of people interested in pianos, digital pianos, keyboards, synths, music. There are multiple ways our audience finds us which means they could come in through any number of different access points. If you want your business in front of as many of our audience members as possible, you will want a multi faceted plan. We can help you develop the most effective combination based upon your objectives.

Still need more convincing? Check out some of our traffic numbers. These are right from our server logs, something you might want to ask for from other sites you are advertising with or considering advertising with.

Site Traffic – From our Google analytics April 2016-April 2017 – Five Million Visitors, Nearly Twenty One Million Pages Served!

Traffic on Piano World

Let us put your business in front of our huge audience of piano and keyboard lovers!


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