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Options for Advertising on Piano World

You want to increase your business, we want to help.

Piano World offers you multiple opportunities to reach our audience of piano, digital piano, keyboard, and synthesizer lovers.

  • Classified /Display Ads – Targeted ads at the state level, specific to the type of piano business. You can advertise in one state, multiple states,  all 48 contiguous states of all 50. Piano Tuners, Teachers, and Dealers typically advertise in our classified ads to reach new customers in a given state or states. Piano Movers will usually advertise under Piano Movers in their own state, and any other states they service (multiple state deals are available). Piano Restoration/Rebuilders will usually advertise under Piano Restorations in their own state and other states they service.  Some Piano Dealers will also advertise under multiple states if that is where there business comes from.
  • Button Banner Ads – Our small button banner ads are 150×150 display ads. They can be seen on either side of our world famous piano forums, and in the right column of our Piano World site. You can purchase this advertising space separately (on the forums, or run-of-site) or save by taking advantage of our combo deal. Want to save even more? Contract and pay for a year in advance for our best deals.
  • Interrupter Banner Ads – Interrupter ads show up between posts in a given forum. There are very limited spots for these ads. Ads in each of our forums are sold separately. For example, if you would like to advertise in the Digital Pianos Synths & Keyboards forum you would purchase banner ad space for that forum (if it’s available). We prefer not to put two different advertisers promoting similar products in the same forum at the same time. We can randomly deliver ads each time a page is loaded. Limited availability is why our advertisers often contract long term.
  • New Banner Ad Run-Of-Site – We have been considering offering a well placed full size banner ad throughout the main Piano World site. Because this would be prime real estate I’m not sure any advertisers have the budget to purchase this one. Contact me if you think your company might be interested in this one.
  • Newsletter Ads – We publish a free newsletter roughly every other month. Circulation is currently around 37,000 subscribers. You can purchase a button banner ad to run on the side, or a full size banner and text to run within the newsletter.

Basic Pricing can be found here:

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Classified Ad Listings
By State
Classified Ads
And Button Banner Ads
Classified Ads, and
Button Banner Ads,
and Interrupter Ads

Classified Ad Listing Example (snippet)

Classifield Ad Example

Classified Ad Example

Forums Button Banner Ad Examples (150×150 px)

Forums Button Banner Ad Examples

Forums Button Banner Ad Examples

Forums Interrupter Ad Examples (displays within a thread)
Can be up to 800×160

Forums Interrupter Ad Example

Forums Interrupter Ad Example

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