Digital Pianos

Digital pianos have become a major force in the piano world. Manufacturers are constantly improving the voices, the touch, and the features.  Within the digital keyboard world you can find Digital Pianos, Keyboard Workstations, Hybrids, Synthesizers, and MIDI controllers.

Hybrid Pianos, what are they?

Hybrid pianos are a combination of a traditional acoustic piano and a digital. Why? They give you the best of both worlds, the sound and feel of a true acoustic piano combined with the flexibility and nearly endless features of a digital.

Did you know you can turn your acoustic piano into a hybrid acoustic/digital piano? That’s right, you can take advantage of the features of a digital like … silent play using headphones, entirely new sounds for your piano (ex: organ, violin, choral voices), record your playing, transpose instantly, convert your compositions to sheet music instantly, turn your acoustic piano into a midi controller, and more. Interested?  Details at

Keyboard Workstations

MIDI Controllers


Buying A Digital Piano


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