Dampp Chaser

What is a Dampp Chaser (also known as a Piano Life Saver)?

The Life Saver system from Dampp Chaser helps control the environment around your piano.

The following is from the Piano Life Saver web site…

The Piano Life Saver System is an internal humidity control system that is engineered to protect what is arguably the world’s most complex musical instrument: the piano.  It is widely held that a grand piano has more individual parts than a car. The vast majority of those parts are made of wood. It’s a remarkable piece of engineering and a wonder of construction. Many of the world’s most respected piano makers build their instruments today in almost exactly the same manner as they did over 100 years ago. They go to great lengths to assure that the many species of wood used in the construction of their instruments are carefully chosen and dried to the proper moisture content. It is extremely important that this moisture content is maintained throughout the life of the piano.  Piano makers deem this so important that they include a clause in their warranties that excludes coverage to instruments that have been subjected to extremes in temperature and humidity.

It is best to have the Piano Life Saver System installed by a qualified piano tuner-technician.

Your piano tech will access the needs of your instrument based upon the design of the piano, the environment where it lives, and the climate in your location. It is important that the system be set up according to your individual piano and that it be properly (and neatly / professionally) installed and tested.

Regular follow up maintenance should be done every year when you have your piano tuned (you do have your piano tuned at least once a year don’t you?). This should include replacing the pads, adding treatment, and possibly changing out the liner. Your piano tuner-technician can provide you with the details and the costs, just be sure to remind him/her that you would like your Dampp Chaser System (Piano Life Saver System) serviced when they come to tune your piano.

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