Moving a Piano

What is the best way to move a piano?

The short answer is, call a mover. But not just any mover, one who has experience in moving pianos (and references). Particularly if the piano is a baby grand!

I’ve seen what happens when an inexperienced mover or the owner and his/her friends try to move a piano. It often doesn’t end well.  Pianos are by their very nature heavy and hard to handle. Grand pianos add more complexity to the moving process because it is necessary to tip them on their (long) sides onto a grand skid (also called a grand board). This requires knowing the exact order in which to remove the legs and the pedal lyre/trapwork, as well as how to set the piano properly on the skid without the piano or the crew getting hurt.

Here is a good example of what can happen…

Grand Piano Suffers Broken Leg

Grand Piano Suffers Broken Leg and Cabinet

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