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Please keep in mind, professional piano shops that restore pianos will often cover a wide area. They do not necessarily need to be located nearby. In fact it is perfectly normal for them to pick up your piano, or have you ship it and they will ship it back when it is done. They will help you make the arrangements with a mover/shipper they trust.
Restoration by the way is much more involved than repairs. It can and often will mean replacing the strings, pins, pinblock, soundboard, and other major components. The action parts may be rebuilt (new pins and bushings) or may also need to be replaced. A qualified restoration shop will walk you through the work to be done when they give you your estimate.

District of Columbia Piano Restorations

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Lindeblad Piano Restoration
101 Rt. 46 East
Pinebrook NJ 07058
Tel: 888.58.PIANO
Fax: 973.575.1574

Need Someone Qualified To Restore Your Vintage Piano?
How about almost 90 years of collective experience passed down through 4 generations?We’ve been in piano restoration since 1920 sharing our knowledge, pride and commitment to excellence from one generation to the next. For us, piano restoration is not just a family business…It’s a family passion!

A precious heirloom is like a member of your family. And we treat it like it’s our own, carefully and meticulously restoring it to its original beauty and sound by combining:

  • The highest quality materials
  • Old World Craftsmanship
  • Modern technology

Restore your piano with confidence and enjoy it for another lifetime and more.

Call us (1-888-58-PIANO) or visit:

We offer:

  • Nationwide service and delivery
  • 10 Year warranty
  • Restored vintage pianos in stock

Please visit our website:

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Lindeblad Piano Restoration
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