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New York Piano Teachers

New York Piano Teachers

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Natalya Mark

Serving: Manhattan / NYC NY

Natalya Mark
New York NY 10040
Tel: 212-795-5439

Through her long teaching career Natalya Mark has taught piano to children and adults, professionals and amateurs of all levels. Educated in the best classical traditions of the Russian School of piano, Natalya taught in one of the most prestigious music colleges in Moscow for many years before moving to New York. She is teaching at The French American School of music, located in Midtown Manhattan, and giving private piano lessons.

Natalya considered by her students to be an inspirational teacher because of her love for music and the enthusiasm she brings to maximize her students talent. She creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere in her studio. She is intelligent, generous and has a great sense of humor. Her knowledge of piano repertoire gives her students opportunities to play different types of music written for piano from Bach to Gershwin and from Mozart to Piazzola.

Natalya uses the well organized and structured system of music education. She teaches her students how to approach the piano, read music and understand the meaning of musical terms. She emphasizes the fundamentals of music theory and provides students with precise instructions on how to practice a piece of music. This knowledge enables the students to enjoy the process of learning music. The art of playing piano is a great experience and an investment in one’s future and Natalya Mark makes the process of learning music exciting and enjoyable.

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Edward Nemirovsky Piano Teacher NY

Edward Nemirovsky


Piano Lessons in Manhattan

Piano Lessons
Edward Nemirovsky, Piano Teacher New York City
853 Seventh Avenue, 55th street
Manhattan / NYC NY 10019
Tel: 718-830-9749

Studio - Edward Nemirovsky

Student - of Edward Nemirovsky

Piano Teacher, Composer and Pianist Edward Nemirovsky.

Classical Music and Jazz. For students of all ages.

From beginners to advanced.

Teaching Piano, Theory of Music, Harmony, Music Composition and Jazz .

Edward Nemirovsky Piano Teacher and Composer in New York City, NYC, Manhattan, Holds a Master’s degree in Music. Graduated from one of the most prestigious music colleges in Moscow. Was educated in the  traditions of classical European and Russian piano school.  More than 35 years of professional experience in pedagogy at all levels as a piano teacher.

A professional composer and pianist. Genres include symphonic, instrumental, chamber music, music for voice and solo instruments, children’s music, theatrical music and film scores. Film Scores by Edward Nemirovsky were presented at many international film festivals.

My method for teaching piano playing differs radically from music lessons given at public schools. It is traditional and similar to the method used in the previous musical period in Europe where the traditions of classical music were established. One of the clearest distinguishing features of my teaching method is individual work with a specific student rather than a group of students. It is this individual approach to the unique character of a given student that constitutes the very crux of my methodology.

The techniques I use for teaching adults students consist of the following:

– A patient and considerate approach to the individual characteristics of the student.

– The search for a special technique for each individual student.

– A selection of a repertoire reflecting the musical interest of the specific student including a broad selection of musical styles: classical, popular, jazz, etc.

– As necessary, the technical performance of each musical composition can be specially simplified  giving a beginning student the ability to perform any popular classical piece or modern song as he or she wishes.

“Easy to understand” method for learning Piano, Theory of music, Music Composition, Orchestration techniques, Jazz Harmony progressions and improvisation.

 We all have a little dream, but we always put it off to the distant future. We’re just too busy! Life is slipping by in of pursuit of money. There is no room even for this little dream. I am telling you that there is room for this dream. Do something about it now, today!


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Yungling Piano Studio

Serving: Entire State of NY

Yungling Piano Studio
Louis Yungling, Owner and Piano Teacher
132 Montague Street #4
Brooklyn NY 11201
Tel: 917-595-7137

Louis Yungling Piano Teacher

Louis Yungling

Do you want to be free from tension and self-doubt, and play the piano with more ease, confidence and natural musical expression?

Whether you are a professional or amateur, no matter how much you practice, you might feel your piano playing doesn’t match your expectations. Maybe you feel tense during practice and frustrated about how to deal with it. Perhaps you have doubts about your ability or career, or wish to perform with more confidence and wonder how to deal with stage fright.

You may have tried practicing longer, playing scales and exercises, or adjusting fingerings and hand positions. Maybe you have read books or have taken medications to ease the mind and feel more comfortable during performance. Yet despite your committed efforts, you feel your playing doesn’t quite match the standards you strive for.

If you are committed to developing your unique musical gifts, you are in the right place. It is possible to play piano with more ease and freedom, and perform with greater confidence and musical expression.

For more than 10 years I have been helping pianists achieve their music goals. As a teacher of The Art of Practicing, I help pianists develop their unique ability to play piano with more freedom, confidence, and communicative power.

If you are ready to breakthrough to a new level of playing,
I invite you to schedule a free consultation

May all of your efforts be filled with joy.
Louis Yungling

Would you like to know more?
Learn more about piano lessons with me and how I teach.

Is this you?
Find out who benefits from my approach.

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Madeline Bruser Piano Studio

Serving: Entire State of NY

Madeline Bruser Piano Studio
Madeline Bruser,
801 West End Avenue #1C
New York NY 10025
Tel: 212-678-9215

Madeline Bruser

Madeline Bruser

Art of Practicing

Art of Piano Practice

Do you ever feel like something is in your way, preventing you from playing the way you want to? From being really free and confident at the piano?

Whether you’re relatively new to the piano or you’re a highly accomplished professional, you might feel something is missing in your playing or career. Maybe you feel tense or frustrated during practicing, or you’d like to feel more at home onstage – less anxious about performing.

You might have tried new ways of using your hands or a more rigorous practice schedule. Or maybe you’ve tried just thinking more positively about performing, or using beta-blockers or psychotherapy to help you with performance anxiety. Yet in spite of all of your efforts, you might still feel somewhat tense, fearful, or unsure of how to take your playing from where it is now to where you really want it to be. If nothing you’ve tried is bringing you the kind of freedom and confidence you really want, it means that there are one or more missing ingredients in your approach to practicing or performing. And if you can find these missing ingredients, you can get past what’s in your way and begin to play the way you want to.

Since 1985, I’ve helped pianists pinpoint these missing ingredients through a unique and comprehensive approach called the Art of Practicing. It combines traditional music training with training in mindfulness, sensory awareness, and rhythmic principles, and with new information on body mechanics. This combination of elements brings a deep trust in your own body and mind, so that your energy can flow freely and fearlessly in practice and performance and you can express the music that’s in your heart.

If you’re ready to take your playing to a new level of confidence and expressive freedom, I invite you to learn more by subscribing to my free e-zine, Fearless Performing, or scheduling a free consultation.

I wish you much joy and success.

Madeline Bruser



One of the leading piano teachers in New York City and author of the highly acclaimed book The Art of Practicing: A Guide to Making Music from the Heart, Madeline Bruser gives private piano lessons and workshops at her studio on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. She is also now giving lessons on Skype so that musicians around the world can benefit from her teaching.




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Miriam PianoTuition

Serving: Manhattan / NYC NY

Miriam PianoTuition,
Upper West Side, Morningside Heights
New York NY 10019
Tel: 917-981-0154

Miriam - Piano Teacher NY



Dear parent / potential piano student!

Thank you for visiting my page. A quick word about myself: I am an active collaborative pianist and an avid teacher. I am Israeli, lived in London for 7 years and have recently relocated to New York. I have graduate degrees (both with honors) from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and from the Guildhall School of Music and Drama, London, where I was also working for the last 2 years.

I have over 15 years of experience teaching music and other subject matters to children, adolescents, college/university students and adults. I have devised musical activities for toddlers ages 2-5, taught piano privately for 15 years to students of all ages, from all walks of life, students with different needs and aspirations. I have prepared students for all grades of the ABRSM exams and for college entry auditions. In addition I have taught students with cognitive disorders in junior and high school in Jerusalem and was also teaching at the Hebrew University and tutoring at the Royal Holloway College, University of London.

I love teaching. I enjoy and value the one to one relationship with a student. I am happy I can share and pass on my knowledge and expertise, and I truly hope to become a meaningful person in my student’s life.

I am classically trained and strive to provide my students with the best foundation which they can later apply to any genre, be it classical, jazz, rock, pop or perhaps their own composition.  I care about correct hand position, good technique and sense of rhythm, notation and sight reading. I am patient, demanding and supportive at the same time, adjusting to the ability demonstrated by each student. I am attentive to the student’s musical taste and inclination, but I will also try to suggest ‘contrasting’ repertoire as means to expand and cultivate musicality and music appreciation.

There are many studies praising the benefits of playing an instrument. It is a unique activity which combines cognitive, motoric and emotional aspects. Challenge and reward are two sides of the same coin. Practice and persistence are essential as there is always something new to learn and more technical difficulties to overcome, but regardless of your level you always express yourself through your playing and perhaps delight others.

It is never too late to start and hopefully music making will accompany you all your life.

I speak English, Hebrew and Russian and happy to teach in any of these languages. I will be more than happy to refer you to my current students for recommendations.

Do e-mail or call for further information!

I am looking forward to hear from you!


Chelsea Arts Music Studio

Chelsea Arts Music Studio
330 West 29th Street and 7th ave
New York NY 10001


My name is Sara, and I am happy to be a part of your musical journey. I believe that playing the piano should be free and easy on the body and soul.

The piano naturally encourages a relaxed and fluid posture in which no joint or muscle is cramped, and it offers the player a sense of joy, purpose, and freedom.

My goal is to help students become joyful, self-sufficient pianists. I emphasize fundamentals of music theory, reading, technique, rhythm, and ear training. I also teach voice, and I use my training in voice and the Alexander movement technique to help my piano students become comfortable on the bench through relaxed breathing, excellent posture, and a sense of grounded stability.

Over the course of study, the student learns to be independent, adroit, curious, and insightful . I find that this approach – rather than teaching students a few standard pieces from the classical repertoire – makes for a life-long player.

I teach both children and adults, and I specialize in adult beginners who are just starting out or coming back to the piano after many years away from the instrument. All styles of piano music are taught, and I encourage my students to learn both popular and classical pieces. Studying various styles develops analytical thinking, creativity, self-sufficiency, and a helpful familiarity with musical motifs and patterns.

I am a nurturing, caring, and patient instructor who seeks to help students establish an excellent relationship with the keyboard.

Through guidance and encouragement, lively discussions about musical ideas and patterns, and the intelligent application of technique, students will become excellent readers of classical and popular music and will maintain an ongoing and enthusiastic interest in the piano for years to come.

Please go to to find out more about my piano methods, and please feel free to contact me for testimonials or recommendations from students. Thank you!

Please visit my website:

Kathryn Bricknell Music
Kathryn Brickell Music
Kathryn Brickell, director
27 W. 55th Street
New York NY 10019
Tel: 212-452-2299

Kathryn Bricknell Piano Teacher NY

Kathryn Bricknell


Kathryn Brickell Music offers Piano Lessons in Long Island, Brooklyn, Queens and New York City. We have taught NYC Metro students since 1985.

We offer 30, 45, and 60 mins piano lessons in the students home. We also offer lessons in voice, guitar, violin and all instruments.

We take care to match our teachers appropriately to each individual student. They are graduates of some of the finest conservatories in the country. They are patient caring professionals with experience in teaching .

Our teachers tailor the lesson plan to accommodate the needs of each individual student. This includes adding the music the student wishes to play in addition to giving the student a sound basic music program.

We teach all levels and styles. We teach ages Pre-K through adult.

Our success has been in our great teachers as well as our outstanding customer service.

We are the experts in accommodating your music lessons needs! Please call for a consultation and/or to register.

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David Shimoni Piano Studio

Serving: Manhattan / NYC NY

David Shimoni Piano Studio
Dr. David Shimoni,
Upper West Side,
Midtown Manhattan
New York NY US
Tel: (646) 642-5607

David Shimoni

David Shimoni


Here is an abbreviated performance bio:

Described by the American Record Guide as a pianist whose playing “was as smooth as velvet,” David Shimoni has performed extensively throughout the United States. He has appeared in recital in New York’s Zankel Hall, Weill Recital Hall, Alice Tully Hall, and Museum of Modern Art. He has also performed at the Barns at Wolf Trap, the Chicago Cultural Center, the Caramoor Center for Music and the Arts, and the Dallas Museum of Art.


Born in Chapel Hill, NC, Dr. Shimoni attended the North Carolina School of the Arts during high school, earned a Bachelor of Arts from Swarthmore College, obtained masters degrees in both solo and collaborative performance from The Juilliard School, and completed a Doctor of Musical Arts from The Graduate Center of the City University of New York. Dr. Shimoni was the first-prize winner of the National Federation of Music Clubs’ Young Artist Auditions, which sponsored two years of recitals throughout the United States. He has been a guest artist at the Chautauqua, Brevard, Moab, Foothills, and Rockport music festivals, and his performances have been broadcast on radio stations WGBH-Boston, WFMT-Chicago, and WQXR-New York.


Now about my teaching:

I am an avid teacher. I have had a private studio in New York City for fifteen years, during which I have taught children, college students, amateurs, and Grammy-award winning professionals.  Regardless of the age or experience that a student brings, my goal is to help make piano playing personally enriching and musically satisfying.


A student’s physical coordination at the piano is a key component of the ability to play beautifully and with enjoyment. In my own playing, I have gained a lot from the Alexander Method and the Taubman approach, both physiologically based sets of principles that help to free pianists from strain and technical limitations. Using these principles and a musical sense that has come from working with a wide variety of great musicians, I help my students to attain new levels of facility and musical expressiveness. Lessons consist of work on technique, theory, ear training, and sight reading as well as pieces.


I have been on the staff of The Juilliard School, Brooklyn College, the New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music, the Ravinia Steans Institute, and Trevor Day School in New York. I have also given master classes and educational workshops at schools throughout the United States and at the World Piano Pedagogy Conference. In order to give my students valuable opportunities to share their music, I put together informal performances for them and prepare them for events sponsored by the Leschetizky Association and the Piano Teachers Congress of New York.


I invite you to contact me for a discounted trial lesson at either of the locations where I teach. I am also available for in-home lessons.



Nikole Williams

Serving: Manhattan / NYC NY

Nikole Williams
Chelsea/Flat Iron Midtown (West 18th St)
New York NY 10010
Tel: 347.871.4117

Nikole Williams Piano Teacher NY

Nikole Williams

Treat YOURSELF to a hobby that you’ve always wanted to try/regret quitting or your KIDS to an activity that they’ll love! Students, ages 6-seniors, take piano or voice lessons with me once or twice a week on a flexible schedule to accommodate business travel, school events, etc.

I am an active performing artist who studied classical piano, voice, and music theory with notable music teachers privately and at Columbia University. My years of training, performing, teaching, and working with the head of music programs to conduct admissions interviews and performances have developed my keen ability to shape talent. With me, students learn fundamental technique and theory while having fun playing their favorite Classical, R&B, Pop, and Folk pieces!

My studio is located in the Chelsea/Flat Iron area, conveniently accessible from Midtown and Downtown locations. Feel free to call me at (347) 871-4117 to find out my rates (discount special), scheduling, etc. You can also set up a trial lesson with me. I look forward to speaking with you!


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