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Illinois Piano Tuners

Piano tuner-technicians in Illinois- IL

Need to have your piano tuned and/or repaired? Looking for a piano tuner in Illinois?

Please see our listings below of piano tuner-technicians in the Illinois area.
Keep in mind piano tuner-technicians can often perform other services including piano repairs, voicing, humidity control system installations and more.

Thinking of having your piano restored? Check with the piano tuner-techs, or check out our listings of shops specializing in Piano Restorations 

How often should I have my Piano Tuned?

Sounds Good Inc.

Sounds Good Inc

  • 30 years of experience tuning and repairing.
  • Dampp chaser installer
  • Member of Piano Technician’s Guild

Our Services Include

Piano Tuning  | Hammer Filing & Reshaping | Appraisals
Complete Action Work | Installation of Humidifier Systems | Repairs | Much more

Call Now to Schedule an Appointment 630 832 8790

Visit us at:


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