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Piano Newsletter Archives
Read through our past issues to catch up on what has been happening…

Frank & Kathy’s Excellent Piano Adventures in NY!, Estonia Piano Debuts New Model 210, 3rd annual South Florida Boogie Woogie Piano Festival, and much more…


Storewide Sale Extended, A Piano Odyssey from Florida to Maine and Back, Death of a Piano, Four Years Late – A Thank You to Piano World , and more…


    This is a special sale issue, save in our online store.

  • July 2012


    New European Tour, Concert Info, U.S. Presidents and Their Musical Ability, Unusual Piano Pictures, Free Videos on Piano Technique, and much more…

  • Jan. 2012


    NAMM 2012, Who’s Who on Piano World, Piano World European Tour featured in Making Music Magazine, Piano Concerts, competitions, and recitals, Fun stuff, and more…



    Frank’s New Piano, Piano Concerts & Competitions, Fun Stuff, Mason & Hamlin Tour Oct. 7, Cape Cod Party Oct. 8, European Piano Tour Pictures, lots more…



    Special Edition – Mason & Hamlin Tour Oct. 7, Cape Cod Party Oct. 8, European Piano Tour Pictures.

  • May 2011


    New Mason & Hamlin Piano Factory Tour!, Cape Cod Piano Party!, European Piano Tour, Waltz of the Asparagus People, New Store for piano and music accessories online, Ragtime Piano Competition, Piano Concerts, Worlds fastest Piano Juggler?, more…

  • Store SALE Announcement


    Special Announcement About 10% Off Sale in our Online Store.

  • March 2011


    New Music Room, Piano Concert News, Sue Keller / Ragtime Pianist, NAMM 2011 pictures, more…

  • December 2010


    European Piano Tours, Concert News, NAMM 2011, Music Gifts, Let’s Talk Cocktail Piano, more…

  • November 2010


    Piano Concerts, Steinway in the Basement, Bach in the Subway?, More on the Tour, NAMM soon, Sale in our Store, more…

  • October 2010


    Piano & Music Lovers Tour of Europe Prices Dropping, Musical Genius – Derek Paravicini, piano concert news,new piano books and CDs, Piano Parties … more

  • August 2010


    Updates and Pictures about upcoming Piano & Music Lovers Tour of Europe, new piano concerts and competitions listings, piano & college applications, for jazz piano players, … more

  • July 2010


    More about our European Piano Tour, Need help buying a piano?, Piano Tuning Documentary, If You Have a Daughter, Piano Concerts, and much more…

  • SPECIAL EDITION – July 2010


    SPECIAL EDITION – The European Piano & Musical Tour – Join Us!

  • May 2010


    About our cruise, NAMM let’s public in,A Mouse in Your Piano?, Origami Piano, Ragtime Piano, Men Can Fix Anything, Jeffrey Biegel Plays Keith Emerson’s Piano Concerto, and much more…

  • February 2010


    New Sub-Forums for member recordings, digital piano comparisons, a new grand piano is born, pipe organs in Romania, e-Cital for Chopin’s 200th birthday, European Piano Factory Tour, and much more…

  • December 2009


    Piano Cruise Price Drop, Goodbye Charlie Banacos, 60+ Pianos Vandalized, ABF Members Post Christmas Music they performed, plus lots more stuff…

  • November 2009


    Composer re-invents the piano, Samick invests in Steinway, Sheet Music Wall of Fame, Piano Parties, 10 Pianos Outside on the Street!, Piano World on CNN, European Piano Factory Tours, much more…

  • October 2009


    Piano Party pictures, recordings, and reviews, Can I say that on the forums?, Concert News, more…

  • August 2009


    Big piano parties brewing, Larry Fine’s new publication, Trade Regrets – Les Paul, Keith Emerson playing in Carlsbad, CA, NAMM 2010, Piano Lovers Cruise to the Caribbean, and much more…

  • July 2009


    Includes: Jumpin’ Jazz, PTG Grand Rapids Convention, Making of a Steinway .. in 1929, What if Musician’s Ran the Country?, Frederick’s Historical Piano Museum, Cape Cod Piano Party, Keith Emerson, Free Pianos in London, and much more…

  • June 2009


    Includes: Let’s Talk Weddings, A Blind Pianist, Concert Pianist Teaches the World, Lightening Strike Turns Doctor into Pianist, Astronaut-Pianist, Cape Cod Piano Party Coming Up, more…

  • May 2009


    Includes: Keith Emerson cancels, New Who’s Who forum, Piano Parties, Concerts, Reviews, and lots more.

  • April 2009



    We have upgraded our Piano Forums as of Feb 27, 2009

  • Feb 2009


    Includes: NAMM 2009 Reviews, Bye Bye Baldwin?, Take a Piano Cruise,12 Fingers Better Than 10? and much more…

  • December 2008


    Includes: Trade Regrets, Dr. Sanderson, Introducing WNG, Steinway Factory Tour, Billy Joel concert, and much more…

  • October 2008


    Includes: Trade Regrets, Henry Steinway Dies, Our New Online Music Jigsaw Puzzles, Piano – A Thing of the Past?, Are You Going to NAMM 2009?, and much more…

  • September 2008


    Includes: Piano World Founder Heads South!, Maine Party Mainly a Success, New Server / More Power …

  • July 2008


    Includes: Reviewing Piano CDs, Party Time, Composite Piano Actions, Strang Piano …

  • June 2008 – Special Edition!
    Includes: Piano Forums Pass 1 Million, Proof Piano is Still Popular!
  • June 2008


    Includes:Pictures and comments from M&H Tour, 101 Years Old and Still Playing!, Steinway Acquires Arkiv Music, and much more…

  • May 6, 2008



    Includes: Updates about upcoming parties, new fun stuff, piano retreats, and Free the Piano Player

  • April 2008


    Includes: Parties, Concerts, Tours, Funs Stuff, Gibson Sues, and Take a Cruise (plus lots more)

  • Feb. 21, 2008





    Including some great upcoming Piano Parties, a new exceprt from GRAND OBSESSION and more…

  • Oct/Nov 2007


    Including news about the release of the new book, “GRAND OBSESSION” by Perri Knize

  • Aug/Sept 2007


    Including: NAMM 2008, A sailboat shaped piano?, Party Time, and more…

  • June/July 2007


    Including: Steinway Factory Tour, Win a Digital Grand, Supreme Court Floor Pricing Ruling, Piano Playing Hamster, and much more…

  • May 2007


    Including: Elton John Tribute, Mason & Hamlin 2007 Factory Tour, Weird Al Virus Alert, Senators Hear the Music, and much more…

  • April 2007


    Includes party news, fun links and much more

  • March 2007


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