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NAMM Show 2016

NAMM Show For those not familiar with the NAMM show it is the biggest event in the U.S. for music dealers, manufacturers, and distributors. It is only open to the trade, although some guests are allowed. Essentially a giant toy store for music lovers the more serious side is that it’s a place to see, try, and buy (order) new merchandise for the upcoming year. In addition to pianos, keyboards, and organs you can find every imaginable instrument from kazoos to digiredoos. I had hoped to attend this year, even had my room reserved, but had to drop out at the last minute. Luckily a couple of our members were there and were kind enough to share some thoughts and pictures with us. If you were there, please consider adding your own pictures and comments. NAMM 2016 Thread

Player Piano Premier

Player Piano Premier Player Piano Premier provides music for nearly all modern player piano systems, including in Floppy, CD and MP3. Brahms to Bruno Mars.
Let our pianists play your Christmas party, available for order now.
For PianoDisc, Disklavier, QRS, digital pianos and more.


Piano Parties!
We love piano parties! If you are planning to hold one, please let us know. Piano parties are a great way to share your love of playing (and listening) and an opportunity to get non-players interested.

The EPP 2016 planning is progressing nicely!
2013 it was Brussels, Belgium
2014 it was in Lisbon, Portugal
2015 was Lucerne, Switzerland
2016 is going to be in … insert drum roll …. Milan, Italy!

Kathy and I are going to this one!
More About the EPP Piano Party

Bulgaria anyone?
Members are still trying to organize a piano party in Bulgaria. If you think you might be interested, please check it out.

Bulgaria Piano Party

Not sure what a piano party is? Check out the links above, and this forum Forum Members Parties, Tours, Cruises, & Meetings
Also, see this Collection of Piano Parties and Tours compiled by one of our moderators (thank you Casinitaly).

Concerts, Recitals & Competitions
The Firebird

Our friend and forums member virtuoso pianist Jeffrey Biegel will be premiering a new piano concerto from Kenneth Fuchs.
And to make it even better, our friend (and neighbor) professional harpist Judy Saiki will be performing with the orchestra.

Kevin Rhodes, Music Director and Conductor (Springfield Symphony Orchestra)
Soloist: Jeffrey Biegel, Piano

Fuchs Piano Concerto The Spiritualist (World Premiere)
Copland Appalachian Spring: Suite
Stravinsky The Firebird: Suite

Details & Ticket Information

William Cuthbertson
17. International Peter Feuchtwanger Piano Masterclass
29th August – 3rd September 2016
With William Cuthbertson, Manfred Seewann and Matina Barufke.
Masterclass Details Here

Our thanks to our friends at Clavier Companion for some of the listings of piano competitions in our newsletter.


2016 Midwest International Piano Competition
The University of Northern Iowa School of Music is thrilled to announce the 2016 Midwest International Piano Competition, taking place in Cedar Falls, Iowa, June 5-11.

Junior Category
1st prize $2500
2nd prize $1500
3rd prize $1000

Senior Category
1st prize $10000
CD recording with Blue Griffin label valued at $5000. www.bluegriffin.com
Professional management for two years with Heartland Concert Artists (optional)
2nd prize $5000
3rd prize $2500
Midwest Piano Competition Details

Virginia Waring International Piano Competition
Senior Competition (18-35 years old)
Over $35,000 in prize money plus performance opportunities.
Additional Details about this Piano Competition

2016 Chicago International Duo Piano Competition
Sponsored by the Chicago Duo Piano Festival and Music Institute of Chicago
Claire Aebersold and Ralph Neiweem, Founders and Directors

June 8-12, 2016
Music Institute of Chicago

Competition Awards
1st Prize: $10,000
2nd Prize: $5,000
3rd Prize: $2,500

Details – Chicago Duo Piano Competition

High Point University 2016 Piano Competition
Funded by the Randall Thomas Johnson Trust

$10,000 in prizes awarded among 3 finalists
For pianists aged 15-25 who reside in the United States
September 10, 2016
High Point, NC
Additional Details – High Point Piano Competition

OHIO International Piano Duet and Duo Competition
The OHIO International Piano Duet and Duo Competition is open to contestants of all nationalities.
Senior Division: 10 – 18 years old as of September 1, 2015
Young Artist Division: 19 – 28 years old as of September 1, 2015

Key Dates
Application Deadline: April 15, 2016
Finalists Announcement: May 1, 2016
Live Final Round: June 23, 2016

Contestants will compete for cash awards for each division:
First Prize: $1,000
Second Prize: $500
Winners will participate in a gala concert as part of the 2016 Ohio University Piano Pedagogy Seminar.
Details Ohio International Piano Duet & Duo

6th Piano Bridges Amateur Competition
The 6th Piano Bridges International Competition for Amateur Pianists will be held in St. Petersburg, Russia, from July 4-9, 2016.
We welcome amateur pianists aged 17 and above from all countries, people of various occupations for whom piano playing is a serious hobby, but not a professional activity.
Professional pianists as well as piano teachers and students of professional music colleges and conservatories (piano specialization) are not allowed to take part in the competition.

The competition is held in two categories:
1st category – amateur pianists who received a diploma of secondary or higher musical education but haven’t been involved in music activities as professional pianists for at least 3 years.
2nd category – amateur pianists with no professional piano education.
6th Piano Bridges Amateur Competition Details

National Piano Conference
The National Piano Conference is already preparing for the 5th annual conference in 2016. Follow us and plan a trip to Crystal Lake ILLINOIS and enjoy classes, seminars, events and concerts all centered around the wonderful piano, the most versatile instrument in the world
National Piano Conference Info

Additional Piano Concerts and Competition Listings

Remember, if you know of any piano concerts, competitions, or events … let us know!
You can post in this section of the piano forums (and/or email us). Don’t forget to keep an eye on the forum below for news of upcoming concerts, competitions, and special (piano) events. Piano Concerts – Competitions – Events

Have you visited the member recordings forums?
This is a great place to hear some of your fellow forums members. One is a sub forum in the Pianist Corner which features primarily classical music. Member Recordings – Pianist Corner

The other is under the Fun Stuff category and contains hundreds of recordings of all types of wonderful music. Member Recordings – General

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Enter to Win Today!

New Piano Owners Forum!
PLEASE – Visit this forum and congratulate these folks on their New Piano!

We now have a special sub-forum under the Piano Forum specifically as a place for posts about members getting a new (to them) piano.

I love reading the threads posted by members who have finally purchased their piano. Seeing the pictures and hearing the stories reminds me of one of the most important reasons we are here, to help each other.

And if you’ve found Piano World and/or the Forums to be helpful, we’d love to know that too.
Unfortunately these posts get buried quickly as new threads get created.

If you recently got a piano, or you know of a thread where someone is talking about getting their new piano, please let me know. I’d love to move the threads to this one central place for all to share in the joy of owning and playing a piano.

The New Piano Owners forum lives here , right under the primary Piano Forum.

(ad) Ken Knapp Organ Repair

Ken Knapp Organ Repairs

Organ Repair
Vintage Hammond and Leslie Specialist
Repair or Rebuild – To Sound your Best
Sales – Service
Pleasant Mount, Pa. 18453
570-960-1018 / 570-679-2715

Fun & Interesting Stuff

66 Classic Old Dance Routines – with a New Twist
If you haven’t seen/heard this yet, do yourself a favor… It’s been around the web for months now, but I only caught up with it recently. You can skip the ad after about 3 seconds. Watch the entire clip, pretty amazing job matching these old classic routines to this modern tune.. Classic Dance Routines to Uptown Funk

Adult Returners – what’s your story?
One of our members started this thread. I found it interesting and thought I’d share it with you.
She started with her own story, and then asked…
“That’s my story. Other adult re-starters, what’s yours, care to share? Why did you re-start, and what’s been your experience since?”
So … What’s Your Story?

Have you Ever Toured a Piano Factory?
A member posted this question on our piano forums.
In my case the answer is yes, several. Including Mason & Hamlin in MA, Steinway in NY, Estonia in Tallinn Estonia, Steinway Hamburg Germany, Steingraeber, Bosendorfer, and Bluther. But I’d be happy to tour more.
I am hoping to put together another tour of the Mason & Hamlin factory this summer, let me know if you might be interested.

See the thread and add your own adventures here Ever Toured a Piano Factory

The Piano is the Garden
Take a look at the picture and you’ll understand.
Piano is the Garden

Going Paperless
Another discussion about the pros and cons of transforming printed sheet music to digital, and using a tablet or similar device to display it.

I personally went digital over a year ago, and while I still prefer the printed page for learning (my tablet isn’t as big as a real sheet), I love the tablet for playing out.
Going Paperless – Digital Sheet Music and the Musician

My Tuning Adventures

I sometimes post pictures and blurbs about my tuning adventures on the forums, other times I only get them up on Facebook.
I’ve decided to create A Piano Tuner’s Blog on the forums, about my tuning adventures. While I’ll still share things on my Facebook page, the “blog” gives me a central place to collect my experiences. Frank’s – A Piano Tuner’s Blog
Feel free to poke around my FB page to see what I’m up to also, it contains other piano related stuff too . Frank Baxter’s FB page

Inside Out Piano
“I developed my unique Inside-Out Piano to explore the belly of the instrument and to coax out some of its hidden sounds,” she says. “In this solo show, I’ll explore the extraordinary unexpected characteristics of the instrument, moving it around the stage to gradually reveal my parallel journey into motherhood.”
Inside Out Piano

CRASH Went the Grand Piano!
This is what can happen if you aren’t careful (or don’t really know what you’re doing) when moving a piano.
Get the rest of the story Crash went the piano

Live Piano Venues
This is an ongoing project to collect listings of places where you can still hear live piano music, and places where you can (maybe) play the piano. We’re talking about restaurants, bars, hotels, airports, etc. Help us grow the list.
The goal is to eventually organize it by location (anyone want to help?).

Listings of Live Piano Venues

The Best Things I’ve Learned on Piano World
A thread running in the Adult Beginner Forum, members talking about what they found helpful/interesting on Piano World. Best Things I’ve Learned on Piano World

I’ll Show You Mine if You Show Me Yours
(Show Us Your Piano Room Pictures)
This thread has been running for ten years now!
Every once in a while someone discovers it and adds pictures of their own Piano/Music room.
If you haven’t posted yours yet, please feel free to add them. We don’t care if you only have a keyboard sitting on a table or two concert grands in an elaborate music room, we just love seeing people’s set up and knowing they are enjoying making music.

If you would like to add your pictures to this thread PLEASE be sure to upload your pictures to our servers (see Posting Pictures on the Piano Forums below). Otherwise they may just disappear some day, as you will see in some of the posts in this thread.
the Show Us Your Piano Room Pictures Thread

Do you know of a particularly good thread you think others would enjoy?
Send me an email with a link to the thread (webmaster@pianoworld.com) or send it from within the thread itself. I’ll take a look and consider listing it in a future newsletter.
And if you find one that would make a really good addition to one of our FAQ areas, please let me know that too.

Posting Pictures on the Piano Forums
Please understand that we much prefer you upload a copy of your pictures to our servers using this gallery feature, or our older uploader, rather than just linking to them hosted elsewhere.
We constantly find that pictures linked from one of the free services on the web inevitably end up with broken links.

Our picture gallery tool automatically creates three size pictures. Thumb, Medium (best for display in a forum thread) and Full (full original size of the image you uploaded).
We are often asked how to post pictures in the forums. There is a Picture Gallery Forum specifically here to make this easier.
Essentially the steps are:
1.) Upload your pictures to the gallery 2.) Copy and paste the url for each picture where you want them in your post (each picture will have the correct syntax for embedding the picture in your thread).

Full instructions for using the gallery can be found here… Posting Pictures in the Forums
And finally, if you still aren’t sure how to upload your pictures, contact me and I’ll help.

Are You Taking Care of Your Piano?

Piano Need Tuning? Did you know your piano should be tuned at least twice a year?
As a piano tuner I sometimes receive calls from customers who tell me they aren’t sure if their piano actually needs to be tuned. Let’s think about this. Have you ever watched a violinist in an orchestra? They often tune up before every piece, and they only have four strings to contend with. The average piano has about 235 strings! And how do you make music on a piano? By whacking those strings with felt wrapped devices called hammers!
Yes, your piano needs to be tuned.

And it isn’t just playing that knocks your piano out of tune, changes in temperature and humidity cause all those wood components of your piano to swell and shrink, helping to stretch and shrink the string lengths, contributing to driving the piano out of tune.

Yes, your piano needs to be tuned.
Call your piano tuner today

Need help finding a good piano tuner? Check our classified listings Piano Classified Listings Find Piano Tuners,Piano Dealers,Piano Movers,Piano Teachers,Piano Restoration Shops,Piano Manufacturers, and more
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It’s Fun to Play The Piano … Please Pass It On!
Warm Regards,

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