Hammond D100 For Sale

Hammond D-100 and Leslie HL722 for Sale! $4500 for both.

This came out of a church in NH where it was only played by a little old lady on Sunday’s. No, seriously that’s true.
I know the church and the organist. In fact I’m the piano tuner for their Mason & Hamlin Grand piano.

The D-100 and Leslie were not originally designed to work together, but thanks to Michael at TrekII Products in New Jersey https://www.trekii.com/ I was able to install a kit that now has them happily working together.

I wired in an 11 pin socket for the Leslie, connected the two switches and now you can play through the built in amp, the Leslie, or both. And the Leslie has Chorale, Tremolo, and full stop.

The D100 has built in amplifiers and speakers, a full 32 note pedal board, 32′ stops for the pedals, dual reverb controls, percussion, vibrato, chorus, and an amazing sound all its own. And now that it’s hooked up to a Leslie speaker the sound is nothing short of amazing! It’s like a Hammond B3 or C3 on steroids!

I also replaced a couple of tubes in the D, replaced the belt for the horn in the Leslie and installed a new crossover amp in the Leslie.

I made a little video so you could get some idea of the sound, although there is no substitute for hearing it in person (or at least through some really good speakers or headphones). You can watch/hear it on YouTube here https://youtu.be/ToewUsRWKZY

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