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Perhaps you have found our world famous Piano Forums helpful or entertaining, or maybe you’ve been checking out Piano World itself ( ) and found some good information, something interesting, or something music related that was just plain fun!

And now you’d like  to help keep the music playing (so to speak).

Between hosting Piano World, the Forums,, and our Newsletter service I spend over $10,000 a year.

Any help is greatly appreciated. While Piano World and the Piano Forums were originally a labor of love, for the past ten years they have also been the primary way I support myself and my family (along with our online store,, and some piano tuning)

In addition to the millions of posts our members have created on our piano forums, I’ve created hundreds of pages of content on the main Piano World site, including games, puzzles, videos, fun facts, listings of professionals in the piano industry and lots more. And I will keep adding new content every chance I get.

I also keep adding new products to our online store for music lovers.If you’d like to see Piano World and the Piano Forums continue to survive and grow your donation and/or purchases would be a big help and most appreciated.

Don’t wish to donate but still want to help?

Become a subscribing member (see below), shop in our online store, or if you’re in the piano business, take out an ad.

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  • Spread the word on social media, tell your friends they should visit Piano World
  • If we helped you find your piano dealer, teacher, tuner, mover, etc. Please tell them!
  • Mention to your piano tuner, teacher, dealer that you like Piano World and it would be a good place for them to advertise.
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