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I recently purchased a 9 bedroom home in Cornish Maine. The house was built in 1850.

My plan is to open a small music shop in the front two rooms, and to offer rooms as a BNB. I will provide live piano music in the music room (see picture). At one point the house was a boarding house. As you can imagine with a 170 year old house a lot of people have come through here. It appears not all of them have left.

My house is located on Maple Street in Cornish Maine, a picturesque small Maine town with a number of interesting antique shops and some really good restaurants. The neighborhood I live in is designated Historic/Commercial, which means there are lots of nice old homes and little shops often run right out of the house.

My Tuning Friends

As a piano tuner I get to meet a lot of people and their pets. I often take pictures of what I call “my helpers”. The group in this picture were (thankfully) all friendly, and of course the biggest one kept trying to climb into my lap and give me a kiss.

Dogs at a piano tuning

Some times you just gotta say no

I recently went to tune a piano at a church in Auburn Maine.
Unfortunately it was so far gone I had to tell them it was a waste of their money . But I did promise to help them find a replacement, and I will.

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