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I’ve been tuning pianos since 1975.

I’ve had the pleasure of meeting a lot of nice people, and had more than a few adventures along the way. This blog contains some of those experiences.

Off Road Piano Tuning – When just getting there is half the battle.

A tuning I had that required driving on a class 6 private road (not maintained by the town) in Effingham, NH.

This was at a tuning in Parsonsfield Maine. I had just finished tuning the customer’s old upright when she mentioned she also had a player piano in the other room, and that it needed some work. I asked her to show it to me.

Most people just hang a lamp or a picture on the wall over their piano, but this is Maine.

Moose Over Piano

Moose Over Piano

Strauss Upright Piano

Strauss Upright Piano

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