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Piano Technique Lesson Videos Part I


Proper Hand Position for Playing Piano
Concert pianist Robert Estrin explains how position your hands to get maximum playing response with minimum effort.

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Piano Technique Lesson Videos Part II


Hand Position and Finger Patterns
All piano music can be reduced to hand positions and finger patterns! A very effective practice technique is to work out each finger pattern until fluent. Then, practice getting over the new group of keys. There is one pivot note in which you must instantly be over the new group of keys. Then, practice the new finger pattern for that hand position. By working through each transition of hand positions and finger patterns, you can master any piano piece.
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Piano Technique Lesson Videos Part III

Arms, Wrists, or Fingers?

Piano technique follows simple laws of physics. It takes greater energy to move more mass and less energy is expended moving less mass.
So, in piano playing, you must determine the level of speed and power required for each passage.

Generally, extremely powerful chords require the strength of the arms to achieve enough sound. When passages are very rapid, the small mass of the fingers can move extremely quickly.

The wrist is essential for techniques that require a combination of speed and power such as in octaves and rapid chords. The wrist is also important for phrasing, particularly staccato. So, when practicing, it is key to determine which parts of the body will negotiate the technical requirements of speed versus power. Use more mass (arms) when the most power is required, less mass (fingers) when great speed is needed. The wrists fill an essential role in piano technique where a combination of speed and power are needed.


This is part III in a series by concert pianist Robert Estrin created exclusively for Piano World.

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It’s Fun To Play The Piano

It’s fun to play the piano! Now Pass it on!

(and watch the video below)
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You’re Never Too Old to Learn to Play the Piano

People often ask if they are too old to learn the piano. The answer is … no, you’re never
too old to learn to play the piano. Watch the video

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Piano / Keyboard History

Where did the piano come from? Check out the video…

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